INEOS Fusilier promises two electric overland SUV options

ineos fusilier electric offroad 4x4 overland suv closeup view of tires and accessory mounts

Admitting the challenges with making a full-electric overland vehicle, INEOS is looking to offer two varieties of the Fusilier SUV to give us more range while still being dramatically more efficient than the gas-powered Grenadier.

The Fusilier will first come as an all-electric, battery-only vehicle, built in partnership with Magma in Austria. Then, they’ll add a “range extender electric” version that includes a small gas engine powering a generator to charge the vehicle off-grid.

Both will be built on a “skateboard” platform, with a steel frame, but with aluminum doors and closures to save weight. It’ll be a bit shorter and lower than the Grenadier, but carry most of the same 4×4 DNA. That bodes well for its off-road capabilities, but they’re also looking at aerodynamics.

It has softer edges than the Grenadier, and the door hinges are recessed to smooth airflow. It’ll have some of the same accessory mounting features, but those, too, will be recessed or hidden. Front grill shutters can open or close vents as needed, further smoothing its facade.

The roof will be reinforced to carry a load, too, perfect for adding a rooftop tent and cargo should you want to mitigate all of those marginal aero gains.

Tires appear to be 255/70R18 BF Goodrich KO2s with deadlock rims, which is impressive spec.

Full details are expected later in 2024. They’re also testing hydrogen-powered vehicles, which were announced in summer 2023 but are mostly just waiting on refueling infrastructure to support that category.

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