Top 10 Overland YouTube Channels

these are the best overland and off-road youtube channels

Whether you’re watching to learn a skill like vehicle recovery, find product reviews, or just get inspiration for your next route, there’s an impressive amount of content on YouTube. As usual, there are also channels that rise above the rest in terms of content quality.

NOTE: These channels are listed in alphabetical order. There’s no “best” because they’re all different. These ten made the cut based on the following criteria:

  • Popularity within the Overland community
  • Quality of videos & editing
  • Accuracy of information
  • Utility of information
  • Entertainment value

10 Best Overland YouTube channels

Here are the 10 best YouTube channels about overland travel, gear, and skills. I’ve embedded each channel’s featured video or one of my favorites as an example, plus a description of typical content and a link to their channel’s homepage. Enjoy!

Epic Adventure Outfitters

If you’re a Jeep or Dodge fan, Epic Adventure Outfitters’ channel (@EPIC-4WD) will provide your fix. This Canadian mod shop documents their trips through The Great White North and U.S., but you’re really here for their over-the-top custom builds and engine swaps. They also have the best tagline – you can’t do epic sh*t with basic people!

Epic Family Road Trip

Now in Season 8, Peter & Carol van Stralen and their kids have literally grown up exploring the world, documenting it all on their Epic Family Road Trip (@EFRT) channel. Now with two Jeeps to fit the grown kids, plus motos, they’re still at it, mixing in family stuff, life lessons, and lots of great scenery, peppered with product placements of the stuff they’re using along the way.

Eva zu Beck

If you’re looking for inspiration for bigger, bolder adventures and trips, there’s a reason why Eva zu Beck (@evazubeck) has nearly 10x the subscribers of other popular overland YouTubers. She’s traveling the world, mostly solo, and documenting it. Her series on roaming America is fantastic and brilliantly raw, but there are also stories from Europe, Mongolia, Pakistan, Syria, and more. This is the type of channel you can only create when overland, travel, adventure & exploring different cultures are your sole focus, and it’s amazing. (BTW, I included her Devil’s Highway video here because Ron & I drove it in 2023 and it’s awesome!)

Off The Grind

Off the Grind (@OFFTHEGRIND) is David Jenkins’ channel about exploring the Pacific Northwest in his Ford Bronco (and, previously in a Tacoma). There’s content about the Bronco and its upgrades, product reviews, and lots of stories showing off trails and routes in Washington State and surrounding areas.

Outdoor Auto

Outdoor Auto (@OutdoorAuto) is a superb channel for deep, technical product reviews and overviews. Host Nate Mueller buys many of the products he tests, so there’s little to no influence from brands he covers, and he does an excellent job of describing key features and nerdy details. His overview of all-terrain tires is incredible. Some videos are paywalled for Patreon supporters, but most of it’s free to watch. He also organizes overland trips in Baja.

Revere Overland

If you like throwing a travel story on in the background, Revere Overland’s channel (@RevereOverland) is for you. Host Rob Miller (often joined by wife Elizabeth and their toddler) does a few product reviews, but the bulk of his content is 1-3 hour long travel stories. Long, yes, but great for getting a sense of where you’d like to go next, with lots of background info and helpful details on the routes. Currently driving a Toyota Tundra.

The Story Till Now

Host Shaun Walford is a full-on Jeep guy, and The Story Till Now (@TheStoryTillNow) documents his adventures in epic style. It’s lighter on trail intel than others, but great drone videography combined with a willingness to attempt ridiculously hard terrain makes for good entertainment.

Tinkerer’s Adventure

Tinkerer’s Adventure (@TinkerersAdventure) host Kai He’s video on sway bars is amazing, offering the right mix of technical information and visual examples. He’s not as prolific as others, turning out a video every couple months on average, but it’s quality over quantity.

Trail Recon

Trail Recon (@TrailRecon) started off as a father-son project, and it’s got a very family-friendly vibe. It mixes product and vehicle overviews and reviews with how-to guides and tech tips that are great for anyone just getting into overlanding and off-road driving.

I know, this one should be first alphabetically. But I didn’t want to scare anyone off by leading with bicycles. Bikepacking is basically overlanding by bike, and it’s awesome. And (@BIKEPACKINGcom) is the resource for doing it right, finding great destinations, and researching gear. This video shows snippets from a variety of routes, but they also have deep dives on popular routes, too, directly from the ride.

More great Overland YouTubers

There are a lot more channels worth checking out, and here are more of our favorites:

awol adventurous way of life youtube channel icon

Adventurous Way of Life
I mean, obvi. Our AWOL (@adventurouswayoflife) channel is pretty fresh, with a few vids from early years. We took a break, but it’s coming back later in 2024, subscribe now so you don’t miss the relaunch!

blue ride overland gear youtube channel icon

Blue Ridge Overland Gear
BGOG (@BlueRidgeOverlandGear) is a gear & bag manufacturer in North Carolina, but their YouTube channel is a mix of overland vehicle walkarounds, how-to guides, unrelated product reviews, and other fun stuff. It’s a great one to add to the mix.

casey 250 youtube channel icon

Casey 250
Casey’s (@Casey250) another Jeep guy, and there’s a lot here about Jeep mods and upgrades, including a strong playlist on the Eco-Diesel 2020 JL. The adventure videos usually have a fun cast of characters, but with less dramatic camera work than other channels listed here.

justin b McBride youtube channel icon

Justin B McBride
Justin B. McBride’s channel (@JustinBMcBride) is a mix of gear reviews, tips, and overland stories, but two particular playlists make it worth a sub. His Localander series is good fun and a nice take on the overland experience closer to home. He also posts creator tips & tech for any of you wanting to start your own YouTube channel.

last line of defense youtube channel icon

Last Line of Defense
With a bit of a survivalist/prepper vibe and a ridiculously envy-inducing fleet of vehicles, the Last Line of Defense (@LastLineOfDefense) is a solid mix of vehicle modes and gear reviews, including EDC packs and kits.

Lifestyle Overland
Lifestyle Overland (@LifestyleOverland) follows Sarah, Kevin, and their two kids on their adventures in one of few channels that consistently uses an overland trailer, letting you see what it’s like tackling popular trails and routes towing a habitat.

overland lady youtube channel icon

Overland Lady
By transplanting herself from Vancouver to Australia, then back to Canada, Monique Song, aka Overland Lady (@OverlandLady), combines great drone work with a great story. How great? She took home Best Short Film in 2020 from Overlander Film Fest!

ozark overland adventures youtube channel icon

Ozark Overland Adventures
Ozark Overland Adventures (@OzarkOverlandAdventures) is a bit of a family affair, with few guides on navigation and gear selection, but mostly stories showing off the Ozarks’ myriad trails, which is a nice break from the southwest & PNW heavy footage elsewhere.

ronny dahl youtube channel icon

Ronny Dahl
Fancy an Aussie accent? Ronny Dahl (@Ronny_Dahl) delivers deep dives from down under. Featuring tech and gear guides alongside killer advice plus some uncommon vehicles from the land of Oz, it’s worth checking out.

trails offroad youtube channel icon

Trails Offroad
Trails Offroad (@Trailsoffroad) combines storytelling with trail guides and user generated content for 4×4 overlanding. Their YouTube channel brings some of the trails to life with playlists for many US states covering many of the most popular trails and overland routes. Definitely a great resource for trail recon!

venture 4wd youtube channel icon

Chris Shontz’s Venture4WD (@venture4wd) is more personal vlog than polished overland YouTube channel, and he makes no excuses for it. It’s a mix of casually technical content for different vehicles, plus selfie-and-POV style views of different trails and camping spots.

Who are the other best Overland YouTubers?

Got your favorites? List them in a comment on this post and we’ll periodically update this list with new finds and more great content. You can also subscribe to our AWOL YouTube channel and be ready when we start dropping fresh content!

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