AMC announces two electric bugout Trucks

Alpha Motor Corporation releases a pair of electric trucks suitable for work and play.

AMC is set to release two electric trucks in 2023

It’s an exciting time to be in the electric car market. And the light just keeps shedding brighter on trucks. Bollinger, Rivian, Ford’s F-150 Lightening and their pint-sized Maverick hybrid…it seems we can’t flip a switch without a new electric or hybrid truck popping up.

California automobile startup Alpha Motor Company (AMC) is elbowing into the sustainable zero emissions auto market with a pair of nostalgic-meets-the-future style truck that are set to release in 2023. Depending on trim packages, AMC’s WOLF will be available between $36,000 to $48,000.

AMC's WOLF Plus has four doors that open wide to allow easy access

To be clear, AMC has three vehicles up their sleeve. The twin WOLFs are paired with the ACE (a sedan), and JAX (a noir-spin on the Alfa Romeo GTV6). But it’s the utility and adventure worthy pack of WOLFs that have our attention.

Both trucks are available in rear-wheel drive or a twin motor version that powers a four-wheel drive option and claim to accelerate 0-60 in under six seconds. The estimated range for both trucks sits around 250-275 miles on the 75 to 85 Kilowatt-hour Lithium-Ion battery.

The sportier two-door version is a classic two seater and can tow up to 3000 pounds.

AMC's Wolf is an electric two-door pickup with room for two passengers

The four seater’s interior opens wide with two front doors paired with two suicide doors, giving you full access to the cab. The four-door can tow up to 6724 pounds, well within the bounds of your your standard ski boat or airstream trailer.

Based on the same platform, both WOLF models have a spacious 65 inches long truck bed that can extend an extra 40-inches with the bed extender, giving you enough room to haul standard plywood sheets. Mounted to the bed are tool racks and roll bars, racked with Baja inspired lights. Under the hood, the “trunk” locks up extra gear for safe storage.

The WOLF platform allows lots of storage and extenders, giving you room to haul planks of plywood

The minimally designed cab is trimmed with durable and replaceable seats, console storage, ample charging ports. Centerstage is commanded by the 11-inch driver-centric digital display.

The WOLF's interior is minimal and designed to be replaceable

Last week AMC announced a partnership with Heimplanet, the German manufacturer of high-end inflatable tents, revealing the adventure-worthy WOLF+ Cloudbreak. The electric truck collaboration integrates Heimplanet’s inflatable CAVE tent into the truck’s bed, creating basecamp opportunities for those seeking adventure.

AMC's WOLF Plus CloudBreak has room for four and gear

The tent gives you nearly an extra 170 square feet of covered camp space, or enough room for four campers plus gear. Prices haven’t been released for the WOLF+ Cloudbreak, but we do know the Heimplanet CAVE runs about $6500. We suspect the fully trimmed WOLF+ Cloudbreak will run close $55,000.

All trucks are slated to release in 2023. Reserve yours now







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