AWOL Gear Roundup #5

suunto race watch with GPS and HRV tracking and free global maps for navigation

This week we’ve got several exciting (and excitingly mundane) electric vehicles, a new watch & shoes for optimizing your races, a killer flashlight, and an expanding truck-bed camper for EVs. Here’s the best new stuff this week:

  • Suunto Race & Wing
  • Nike Alphafly 3
  • Meta Quest 3
  • AWD Corvette E-Ray
  • Porsche Macan Electric
  • KIA EV concepts
  • Camp365 T-model
  • Nebo Slydeking flashlight
  • Dragon Infrared Ski Goggles
  • Prism Foil Kite

Suunto Race Watch and Wing bone conduction headphones

Suunto Race Watch smart fitness watch with GPS and HRV tracking

If you haven’t given up on tracking your workouts, the new Suunto Race Watch has a large (36.3mm), full-color AMOLED display showing multiple screens for 95 different sports and 50+ 3rd party apps. Download free global maps showing roads, trails, contours, water & landmarks, then load your routes for offline navigation. It tracks precise movement for up to 40 hours in Performance mode, or for daily wear lasts 10 days with normal HR tracking, 26 days without.

It uses HRV to track recovery status and can store training programs and fitness tests to keep you on track, with race day nutrition/hydration reminders to keep you fueling properly. Available in stainless steel ($449) or titanium ($549), both with sapphire crystal glass.

Suunto Wing bone conduction headphones with LED lights for visibility while running or cycling

Suunto’s first foray into audio is the Wing Headset, using bone conduction to deliver music without blocking out ambient sound, which makes running and cycling much safer. Not only can you hear traffic (or nature), but they won’t fall out like earbuds.

They have a 10-hour battery life, and the included power bank adds another 20, adding 3 hours with a quick 10-minute charge. They’re silicone-coated titanium, 33g, waterproof and dustproof, and have red LEDs to add visibility. Customize the light & audio settings in the Suunto app, and turn on “head movement control” to switch between incoming calls and music with a nod. MSRP $199, red or black.

Nike Alphafly 3 race running shoe

nike alphafly 3 marathon race shoe for world record runs

You may not run a 2:00:35 marathon (or an unofficial sub-2 hour one) in it like Eluid Kipchoge, but you can get the same shoe. The Nike Alphafly 3 race running shoe drops in January 2024, with a different version of the Air Zoom pods under the forefoot and consistent Zoom foam. It follows trends with thick cushioning and curved heel and tow for smooth, quick foot strikes and rebounds.

Meta Quest 3

The Meta Quest 3 VR headset has 2x the graphics processing power, but the real upgrade is the addition of dual RGB cameras and depth projector on the front. These allow full color “pass through” imagery for augmented reality, letting you play virtual games on your tabletop or use your IRL environment as part of a virtual experience.

4K displays make graphics more realistic, too, and 3D surround sound moves the audio as you move for better spatial awareness. Controllers lose the rings that looped over your hands and have refined shapes for more natural movements, and improved haptics help you “feel” the action better, too. $499 for 128GB, $649 for 512GB (Available on Amazon).

Corvette E-Ray AWD hybrid uses electric motors for performance, not mileage

2024 corvette e-ray hybrid all wheel drive AWD sportscar

Able to roll a whopping 3-4 miles on electric power, the 2024 Corvette E-Ray pairs a 495HP 6.2L LT2 V8 driving the rear wheels with a 160HP electric FWD drive unit, it’ll pump out 655 combined horsepower and do 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds, with all-wheel-drive handling. So, yes, the electric motor is purely there for performance.

A magnetically controlled adjustable suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes, and all-season tires mean you can rip up something other than perfect dry asphalt. Available in three trims, hardtop or convertible, starting from $102,900 to $120,085. (video here)

2024 Porsche Macan Electric

2024 Porsche macan electric and T series sporty compact SUV
Photo: Porsche (Macan T shown, not the Electric model)

The 2024 Porsche Macan is getting an upgrade, but only for the new all-electric model. The 1st gen gasoline-fueled version will carry over unchanged for as long as there’s demand, but it’s clear where Porsche is headed.

Full details & pricing are TBA, but look for optimized aerodynamics, an automatically deployed spoiler, lower fascia, and a likely ~300-mile range from the compact SUV. Oh, and probably about 600HP. (via Autoblog and Engadget)

Kia’s new EVs are cool, too (and attainable)

2024 Kia electric vehicles and concept vehicles

Forget vat-grown meats, KIA is working on vat-grown seats. For the EV3 and EV4 concepts (top row), they’re growing mycelium to create bio-leather (hopefully non-sentient). Natural fibers replace carbon fibers for slimmer seat structures, and 3D knitting reduces seams and creates better, more durable cushioning. The EV4’s (top right) interior uses recycled cotton with root-and-walnut-dyed hues.

The EV5 (bottom left) starts out in China and Europe, but will make it to the US, with two battery packs offering up to 447 mile range. It’ll have their remote parking feature, letting you pull in or out of tight spaces while you’re standing near the car, not in it.

The three-row EV9 is the largest, yet maxes out at an impressive 304 miles of range in RWD configuration with the largest battery. AWD and performance modes also available. This one’s available now.

Yamaha Motoroid 2 is a self-balancing, self-driving motorcycle

prototype yamaha motoroid 2 self-driving self-balancing electric motorcycle

Yamaha’s Motoroid 2 aims to meld man and machine with this electric motorcycle that has no handlebar, just grips, knee supports and foot pegs. It uses AI facial recognition and gesture controls to let you tell it where to go, even if you’re not on it. Sit (lay?) on it and it raises its supports and automatically balances. How it actually works is TBA, it’s purely a concept for now, but we could see some of the autonomous driving tech coming to market in some form sooner than later.

CAMP365 T-Model camper for electric pickup trucks

CAMP365 T-model camper shell for electric truck beds fold down to improve range and gas mileage

The new CAMP365 T-Model is designed for Rivian R1, Ford Lighting, Tesla Cybertruck, and other mid-size electric trucks, using a streamlined, lightweight (700-800lbs) design that minimizes range impact. It unfolds to create 63 sq.ft. living space with 6’8″ headroom. It has a hot shower, 24-gallon water tank, and sleeps 4-5.

A kitchenette, electric heat & A/C, dual-layer air gap insulation, Starlink internet, and multiple bed configurations give you all the comforts. Fold it down and it’s just 4′ wide and detaches in ~10 minutes, easily stored in a garage. MSRP $25,000, hit the link for interior images. (video here)

Nebo Slyde King magnetic work light flashlight

Offered in 500, 1000, and 2000 lumen versions and surprisingly affordable ($40 to $60), the Nebo Slyde King flashlights have a COB (Circuit on Board) worklight that’s revealed by sliding the main LED forward. The magnetic base lets you stick it to the side of a workbench or vehicle to illuminate your workspace.

It also has an adjustable beam, customizable brightness modes, a red light for night use, and is USB-C rechargeable. I played around with one at a boat show and it’s quite cool, and now on my own wishlist.

Forget UV, Dragon’s ski goggles block Infrared

dragon alliance luma lens ski goggles block infrared light

I was so hoping these would use Predator vision to show heat signatures, but instead Dragon’s new Luma Lens ski goggles block Infrared (IR) light…and UV light, too. They say this not only protects the eyes, but also delays visual fatigue so you can hit the slopes harder for longer (despite shorter days?).

Prism Synapse foil kite for summer (and winter) fun

prism synapse foil kite

If you’re interested in Kite Boarding but haven’t tried it, you’ll spend most of your first lesson learning to get the kite off the water and control its flight. A great way to speed up that process is to learn how to fly a foil kite first, because the basics are the same.

They use two handles and two strings, and pulling one side or another closer to you directs the flight path, and that’s (eventually) how you’ll steer yourself on the board. Or, if you have a snowboard and a field, could be a fun way to hurt yourself this winter, too. Prices range from $60 to hundreds, this Prism Synapse 200 is a good starter at 79″ wide, but if you really want something that’ll pull you, go bigger.

Small Bites

Wandering Thoughts

I still have a lot of pics to post from the Overland Expo East, I promise they’re coming. Some are up on our Instagram, and I’ll post some highlights next week.

Why not this week? Like I said I would last week?

Because I’ve been on the road checking out Vermont, and I’m sold. The mountain biking, food, and beer are so good, and the general vibe is what I want – outdoorsy, friendly, and adventurous. Not a Dollar General in sight. Highly recommend it.

That, and I wanted to mix it up a bit, which is why I threw that kite in this week’s roundup. It’s not new, but they’re super fun, and I really want to fly mine where it can pull me along on something. Anything!

Let’s go!

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