KC Hilites unveils high-power Slimlite 8″ round LED offroad lights

kc hilites slimlite 8-inch offroad overland lights for vans, jeeps, and trucks

Love the iconic round CK Hilites profile but want something completely modern that’s slim enough to fit any bumper setup with full LED output? The new Slimlite 8″ measures just 3.67″ deep, leaving plenty of breathing room in front of your vehicle’s grill.

Yet they pump out 12,384 lumens…per light! With a spot beam pattern, they thrown the light really far down the trail or road, but there are options (keep reading) that’ll spread it out a bit or change the hue.

kc hilites slimlite 8-inch offroad overland lights shown on a sprinter camper van

Other specs are:

  • 11.5 amp draw (per light)
  • 620,000 candela
  • 6,200 lux
  • 1 lux @ 787m (2,580 ft)
kc hilites slimlite 8-inch offroad overland lights shown on a jeep

The round shape is a bit misleading. The LEDs have an hourglass pattern, which gives them room for heat sinks on the top and bottom.

Called “Direct Front Cooling”, these put the sinks directly into the air flow, but are also designed to pull air around to the back, where it’s covered in heat sinks, and keep it cool.

kc hilites slimlite 8-inch offroad overland lights shown on a van bumper
different angles shown for kc hilites slimlite 8-inch offroad overland lights

The housings are lightweight aluminum with polycarbonate lenses. They’re weather- and dust-proof, with a new wiring plug that’s integrated into the housing to reduce the likelihood of anything getting into it.

KC Slimlite 8″ videos

Promotional video above, unboxing video with tech details and features below.

KC Slimlite 8″ pricing & options

kc hilites slimlite 8-inch offroad vehicle lights

Lights are sold separately (~$350 each), but you can bundle them as a pair with wiring harness and full install kit on their site. That kit retails for $779.97 and includes black-out protective covers with yellow KC logo on it.

A clear shield is available to protect it, and an amber shield changes the output color, both keeping the long-throw spot light pattern. A pass-through rock guard lets you use the lights while still protecting them from bit rocks (and keep the KC logo showing).

kc hilites slimlite 8-inch offroad overland lights shown on a truck bumper

They also offer amber and SAE-approved “selective yellow” (a warmer white) lenses with a slightly diffused pattern. These lenses convert the beam pattern to a street-legal driving light that can be used like high-beams, not for driving around all the time blinding people (especially if you have a leveling kit…looking at you, mall crawlers).

Lastly have spread covers in both amber and selective yellow that broaden the beam pattern (check the second video for beam pattern and color comparisons).


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