Try out the #Vanlife with a mobile “hotel” from Cabana

Cabana is now offering their “mobile hotel” concept, packaging a comfortable set of lodging amenities into a high-roof Ford Transit camper van that you can park almost anywhere.

With a nearly Queen size bed, complete bathroom setup, decent storage, and more, it’s a great way to try out the Vanlife for a couple days (or weeks) while also exploring the country and the freedom of sleeping wherever, whenever. Here’s the details of their vans, and a few tips based on our own experience…

Cabana Camper Van Details

cabana camper van interior sleeping bedroom
All photos c. Cabana.

Starting at the back, they use a “camper queen” memory foam mattress (queen width, full length) with a TV for streaming whatever you can beam to it from your phone…as long as you have service. Or something loaded onto your phone.

cabana camper van interior kitchenette

Below the bed is a mini fridge tray for snacks and drinks. The sink pulls off the main water tank, which is also used for the shower and bathroom and is non-potable, so you’ll want to bring your own freshwater for drinking and brushing teeth, etc.

cabana camper van outdoor kitchen grill area

If you plan on doing real cooking, there’s an optional slide-out camp stove setup you can rent with the van. It mounts inside the back area, so it’ll eat up a bit of storage, but gives you a two-burner gas grill and some prep space.

cabana camper van interior storage

Most of the storage is under the bed, with a slide out for two carry-on sized suitcases, and more gear behind that.

cabana camper van interior seating kitchen area

A slide out trash bin sits under a small bench, giving you a bit more seating.

cabana camper van interior shower and bathroom

The standup shower comes stocked with soap, shampoo and conditioner. It’s part of the fully enclosed bathroom, which has a toilet good for about 7 days of normal use before needing to be emptied. A bamboo floor mat keeps you above any standing water while showering.

cabana camper van mobile office for remote workers

If you, like us, are working remote, a swingout table can be used from the bench, or swivel the passenger seat around and use that for a more comfortable perch.

Cabana camper van pricing & limitations

First off, you’re only going to get two people in here, so this isn’t a family travel van. But it is a great way to try out Vanlife and see what you like, what features you really use (or miss), and start getting ideas for building your own van.

Cabana’s Ford Transits are build in cargo van shells, so there’s no factory A/C beyond the dashboard, and they don’t have a rooftop A/C unit. They do have a heating system that runs off the vehicle’s fuel tank (with auto shutoff if it gets below 1/4 tank), but the only cooling device for the rear is a ceiling vent van to move air in or out of the vehicle. And for it to function, you’ll need to crack a door or window.

Right now, Cabana has pickup points in Seattle and Los Angeles, but more spots are planned. Pricing starts around $200 per night, but can be higher during peak times. This includes unlimited mileage, but you have to pay for gas (it’s a regular, unleaded gasoline engine), and return it with a full tank. Book a van from their website and they’ll direct you to a pickup point, where you’ll use their app to unlock the van, then you’re off on your adventure…no human contact needed.

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