Uncharted Overlander provides basic recovery & emergency kit

uncharted supply co overlander vehicle recovery and emergency supply kit shown in pickup truck bed

If you’re looking for an (almost) all-in-one roadside emergency kit that includes a first aid kit, multi-tool, recovery straps, battery charger, and more, the Uncharted Overlander is it.

The kit comes with most of what you need to get out of common situations, from a dead battery to minor repairs to soft sand or snow, and it’s packed in a nearly indestructible 15L Yeti Loadout Gobox.

What’s included in the Uncharted Overlander kit?

uncharted supply co overlander vehicle recovery and emergency supply kit

Here’s what’s included, and keep reading or watch the video to see what’s special about some of these things…they’re cooler than they sound:

  • Convertible shovel/pickaxe
  • Insulated gloves
  • Recovery straps
  • Waterproof Flashlight (adjustable beam)
  • Glow sticks
  • Extractor Folding Multi-Tool
  • Pro First Aid kit
  • Hideaway wind/water-resistant jacket
  • Zeus Pro rechargeable battery starter

This is a decent starting point that covers a lot of the things we recommend in our Vehicle Recovery Guide (check that for more advanced items and how-to’s). The only things we’d add right away are are:

The jacket works as a light windbreaker and should protect against a light mist, but coolest feature is lots of internal stash pockets that you can fill with leaves, moss, or whatever to create insulation in a pinch. The gloves are also lightly insulated, giving you four-season hand protection.

uncharted supply co overlander vehicle recovery and emergency supply kit

The Yeti Gobox has a fully gasket sealed design with vents to keep everything inside perfectly dry, no matter what. It measures 10.2″ x 14.7″ x 11.3″, and has a stackable design with non-slip feet.

MSRP is $449, available now in Charcoal, Orange, or Camp Green colors.


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