Jeep Recon 4xe could make overland EVs a thing

prototype 2025 jeep recon 4xe hybrid electric offroad vehicle

For a minute, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe was one of the best-selling hybrid vehicles in the USA. Now, Jeep has their first-ever fully electric vehicles with the upcoming Recon Moab and Wagoneer S, launching in Fall 2024 in North America first, then other key global markets.

2025 Jeep Recon Moab SUV

The Recon mixes a Wrangler Rubicon with an SUV for a very Bronco-like stance, but with Jeep’s 4xe electric offroad drivetrain.

prototype 2025 jeep recon 4xe hybrid electric offroad vehicle
Click any photo to enlarge. All photos ©Jeep/Stellantis

Previously, the Wrangler Rubicon Recon was an upspec’d version of the already insanely capable Rubicon, with reinforced front bumpers and 1″ extra suspension height. This suggests the new Jeep 4xe Recon model will have serious off-road chops while also being fully electric.

Like a Wrangler, it will let you remove the doors, but the roof appears permanently in place. That should add structural integrity despite the sled-like platform (see below), and eliminate roll bars from taking up valuable interior space.

It should also be a bit more refined on-road, and have huge range. Motor Trend reports it’ll use parent company Stellantis’ STLA Large platform, which is built to accomodate larger battery packs for vehicles with up to 500-mile range.

That platform is extremely versatile, allowing for different wheelbase lengths, suspension heights, etc., and can even be built as ICE hybrids. It’s not a body-on-frame platform like the Wrangler (and Bronco & 4Runner), so it’ll be interesting to see how it handles flex from off-roading.

But it is dual motor, allowing front, rear, and all-wheel drive. Extremely short front and rear overhang give it excellent approach and departure angles, too.

Other details, like whether it’ll be hybrid or full electric are TBA. There could be both. JeepReconForum has pics from a dealer event and says tires were 285/70R17, which is OEM spec for the current Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, too.

2025 Jeep Wagoneer S electric SUV

2025 jeep wagoneer 2 4xe EV electric offroad SUV

Aimed at urban jungle explorers, the new Jeep Wagoneer S will be full-electric. The very sporty renderings here give no indication as to its off-road intentions, but it is still a deep, and the front and rear overhangs look decent. We’re hoping there’ll be at least one “Trail Rated” edition, which could make it a great light-duty overland option for adventurous family travel.

2025 jeep wagoneer 2 4xe EV electric offroad SUV shown from various angles

That “S” in the name may stand for “Sport” as this one’s definitely more aerodynamic than the current ICE Wagoneer, looking more like a Grand Cherokee in scale. Speaking off, Stellantis’ long term plans include a full electric Grand Cherokee in 2027, followed by the first full-electric Wrangler in 2028.

The images here, all from Jeep/Stellantis, are pre-production and may vary from the final product, but they’re encouraging. Both the Jeep Wagoneer S 4xe and Jeep Recon 4xe will be on sale in late 2024. In the meantime, the hybrid Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe are both still available.

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