Quad Lock adds better suction cup mount for phones & action cameras

quadlock suction cup action camera mount for windshields 4x4 overland vehicles

Whether you need to keep your phone or action camera (or both) in easy view and reach, suction cup mounts are hard to beat for convenience. The new Quad Lock 360º Base Suction Mount uses a lever-actuated suction cup, and combines with various mounts to give you options for all your things.

quadlock suction cup phone mount for windshields 4x4 overland vehicles

The Suction Base ($29.99) works on any non-porous surface and offers enough grip even for marine, aeronautical, and even aggressive offroad use. And, it maintains suction even in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F).

It’s easily repositionable, and uses a threaded mount so you can attach any of their arms (single- and dual-pivot, extensions, etc.) with any of their case-mount heads (basic, locking, magnetic, wireless charging, etc.).

There’s even a vibration damper that sits between the arm and head to smooth video capture and protect your smartphone’s image stabilization system.

quadlock suction cup with articulating adjustable action camera mount

Or attach their new Quad Lock-to-Action Camera mount ($20), which uses the standard three-prong interface found on GoPro, DJI Osmo, Insta360, and other popular models.

Two versions are offered, a direct thread-in model, and a Quad Lock-compatible model for use with the extensions and articulating arms, which would give you more freedom to get the best camera angle.

The new mount and action camera adapter are up for pre-order now, shipping in early February 2024. Build your own combination at link below.


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