BougeRV Portable Water Heater makes hot showers easy

bougeRV compact propane camping water heater for hot showers on overland travel and road trips

Want a hot shower when camping? Or for washing your bike, dog, or dishes in the winter? The BougeRV Portable Propane Outdoor Camping Water Heater will do just that, and it’s ultra compact.

Small enough to pack easily in your van, overland rig, or RV, it’s self-powered and pumps from standing water, so you don’t need a hose with water pressure to make it work.

bougeRV compact propane water heater shown with shower hose and attachments

The unit has a rechargeable battery inside that’s good for just over an hour of use, and that handles pumping the water through the burner at up to three liters (0.8 gallons) per minute.

A small 1 lb (453g) propane tank attaches and provides fuel for the 20,500 BTU burner, raising water temp by up to 45ºF (25ºC). Circuitry cuts it off if water temperature reaches 122ºF so if won’t scald you, and also cuts it off if water stops flowing.

The inlet hose has a small pump attached, and you drop that into a bucket of clean water (there’s no filter, so they recommend against pumping directly from lakes, etc.). The other end has both a power plug and hose that attach to the unit, sending power to the pump so it can send water to the unit.

The outlet hose has a shower head, and a bracket holds it for you for hands-free showering. Remove the multi-mode shower head and it’s more like a faucet.

bougeRV compact propane water heater dimensions and components

Without the propane tank attached it measures just 15.7″ x 6.7″ x 12/2″, plus you’ll need a small pouch for the hoses, regulator, and shower head. System weight is 21.6lbs.

You need to provide the gas tank, but it comes with everything else you need, including AC and DC charging cables. MSRP $349.99, available direct (w/ free 2-year extended warranty) and on Amazon.

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