Goal Zero adds Alta electric coolers & telescoping Skylight

goal zero alta portable electric cooler fridge freezer inside an overland truck camper

Goal Zero makes portable battery packs, solar panels to recharge them, and now portable fridge coolers and lighting to plug into them. Both include interesting and unique features that make them worth a look.

Goal Zero Alta portable fridge coolers

The new Goal Zero Alta Fridge/Freezers come in 50L and 80L sizes, and they include cords to power it off their battery packs, AC wall outlets (US & EU plugs), or DC vehicle outlets. And, there are power ports on both ends of the cooler, so it’s easier to plug in no matter how you situate it in the vehicle!

They can be set to cool between -4ºF and 68ºF (-20ºC to 20ºC), and the larger Alta 80 has two separate zones, so you can set one to freeze and one to cool. They draw just 8-10.5 watts when set to 35ºF thanks to a super-efficient LG compressor and eco-friendly R600a refrigerant.

The cooler body is made of stainless steel with rubber bumpers at all edges and corners, and have drain holes and removable baskets. Large handles on either end make them easy to carry.

An onboard screen makes it easy to set, or use their app via Bluetooth to check temps and change settings remotely. Metal latches with buckles secure the lids shut, and internal LED lighting helps you see what you packed.

What makes the Goal Zero Alta coolers different?

Two features set these apart. First, they can plug into a direct DC outlet on Goal Zero’s Yeti power stations, which uses the least amount of power transformation for the most efficiency. This helps it run longer and reduce drain on their battery packs.

Second, it comes with an insulating cover (with pockets!) that helps it stay cooler, longer. This also reduces power consumption, especially if you need to set it outside in the sun or leave it in a hot vehicle.

dimensions diagram for goal zero alta portable electric cooler fridge freezer

MSRP for the Alta 50 is $799.95 and the Alta 80 is $999.95.

Goal Zero Skylight overhead area light

One of the toughest things about camping, especially in winter, is having enough light in your campsite to prep & cook food, play games, read, or tinker with gear. Tabletop lanterns are OK, but overhead lighting is a gamechanger, and the new Goal Zero Skylight is a clever addition to the category.

The telescoping base raises the light from 4′ to 12′ high, and a six-wing design lets you angle each element individually to cast the light where you want it. Keep them aimed downward and it shouldn’t diminish neighboring camper’s ability to enjoy the night sky. Or aim them off to the side as needed.

It throws off a warm 3250K glow, not the harsh white of a work light, keeping the vibe chill around camp. It has an internal battery good for up to:

  • 8 hours on low (400 lumens)
  • 2.5 hours on medium (1,350 lumens)
  • 1 hour on high (3,500 lumens)

There’s also a boost mode that pumps out a very bright 6,000 lumens for a short time. It also plugs into any Goal Zero Yeti Power Station (or 12V accessory outlet in your vehicle) to boost run time.

It collapses to fit inside its included hard case tube (47.6″ x 5.8″ x 5.8″). Weight is 14lbs on its own, 17.9lbs with case. MSRP $299.95. Available direct, or at REI and Amazon.

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