TriggerPoint Grid Travel foam roller fits anywhere, fixes tight muscles


The original TriggerPoint Grid foam roller remains one of my favorites. Not just for home use, but for travel, too. It’s hollow, so I can stuff clothes in it, then stuff it into my suitcase. Then stuff dirty clothes into it for the trip home. And at just 13″ long and 5.5″ round, it fits in any carry-on. But for active road warriors, now there’s an even better foam roller for travel…


triggerpoint grid travel is a compact foam roller that fits in your backpack

The new TriggerPoint Grid Travel is even smaller, but it’s still hollow. At just 10″ long and 4.4″ in diameter, it’ll still bring the hurts-so-good relief of the bigger roller, but will just about fit in your front door’s side cubby. In fact, in a Ford Transit, it probably will.

Trigger Point Grid Travel compared to the original Grid foam roller
The new Grid Travel easily fits into a backpack; An approximate size comparison between the Grid Travel and original Grid.

Our trips are usually built around some kind of outdoor activity, from mountain biking to hiking to climbing to canyoning…and getting back in a car after a long day is a great way to get really, really tight muscles. The original TriggerPoint is bigger, but when it’s time to loosen up after a lot of miles on the road, the Grid Travel’s smaller diameter may actually be better for hitting side and rear hip flexors and glutes.

PRO TIP: Sit on it one cheek at a time, roll forward and backward, then put it at a 45ยบ angle and roll side to side. Trust me, after sitting in a driver’s seat for hours, this’ll bring your hips back to life before you move onto your lower back and hamstrings…all of which will thank you.

The original TriggerPoint Grid foam roller is a hollow but rigid way to roll the knots out of your muscles.
Note how much larger the original is than the Grid Travel in the pics up top…and it comes in lots of colors!

The TriggerPoint Grid Travel is $29.99 (BUY NOW) and comes in black. The original Grid is $39.99 (BUY NOW) and comes in lots of colors and patterns. Both come with access to their how-to online video library. And if you really wanna release those hip flexors and tight shoulder blades after holding the wheel all day, their MBX Massage Ball is a miracle worker.

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