Snow Peak’s Field Coffee Master is the upscale camp kettle we really want

Snow Peak Field Coffee Master coffee pot brings style to your morning routine

Snow Peak makes some of our favorite car camping gear. When we’re in the backcountry, their lightweight Trek 700 titanium mug doublesĀ as a coffee mug and our cooking pot, and it’s just big enough to store our backpacking stove inside it when we’re on the trail. It’s a beautiful thing when one piece of gear can pull off multiple tasks.

The 760 ml kettle comes with a pourover and percolator

But for car camping, we put the ultralight gear aside and reach for something a little more substantial. Weighing in just over 1.5 lbs, Snow Peak’s 760ml Field Coffee Master ($160) isn’t going to work its way into your backpacking kit. But the 7″ x 5″ x 7″ pot is just about perfect for those overnight trips with the car. The stainless steel kettle holds 760 ml and will brew about 4 cups of coffee.

The dripper sits inside the kettle body where it can be used as a percolator. Or you can balance the dripper over your mug, converting it to a pour over system. Either way, the design keeps the beans out of the brew and flavor in the mug.

Snow Peak's multifunctional Field Coffee Master can be used as a pour over or percolator system

When you’re on the road, the dripper fits inside the kettle. If you’re not a coffee drinker, you can leave the drip system at home and the kettle can nest Snow Peak’s stacking 450, 300, 200 ml mug set inside the 760 ml pot.

The Field Coffee Master stows away in a mesh bag

The whole kit stows away cleanly in the mesh bag. Which you’re going to want to use to protect your investment. Like all hardware from Snow Peak, the Field Coffee Master comes at a price. MSRP is $160, but street prices can be higher. If it’s any consolation, the Field Coffee Master a stunning kit that we’d proudly display on our kitchen counters. Its handsome looks earned it a 2020 Good Design Award from the Japan Institute of Design.


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