Intrepid Geo SOLO is a roomy rooftop tent for one

intrepid geo solo one person roof top tent shown from front angle.

If you’re going solo and want extra space on your roof, the Intrepid Geo SOLO rooftop tent is a maximalist option just for you.

It’s a slim, hardshell design with articulating roof with pop-out that creates a ton of headroom and living space inside, but only takes up 34″ of space on your roof rack. That leaves spaces for large rooftop cargo box, tray, or bike rack next to it.

intrepid geo solo one person roof top tent shown closed from the side.

The shell is honeycomb aluminum top and bottom, with a replaceable rubber hinge gasket where the top folds. Side rails are aluminum, and hardware is aluminum and stainless steel, including multiple T-track slots, cross bar mounts, and locking latches.

intrepid geo solo one person roof top tent shown on an offroad SUV.

Gas-assist shocks help it open and keep it propped up. The collapsible ladder stows inside your vehicle.

intrepid geo solo one person roof top tent shown open from various angles.

300D Ripstop Tent fabric is water-resistant & replaceable, windows & doors have separate black-out covers and screen mesh doors, plus pockets for tucking them out of the way. The rear door has a third clear layer that gives you visibility even when it’s raining.

Small rainflies over each door have replaceable fiberglass rods inside so they automatically prop themselves outward once the tent is open.

intrepid geo solo one person roof top tent shown closed from various angles.

When it’s time to close it up, bungie straps inside pull the fabric inward so it basically tucks itself into the shell, making it super quick and easy to pack it down and get moving.

It measures 88.5″ x 33.4″ x 7″ (225 x 85 x 17cm) closed, which is more than seven feet long, so there’s plenty of room for tall folks to sleep comfortably.

Weight is 120lbs (55kg), MSRP is $3,395. Price includes ladder, mattress, condensation mat & locking latches on each side, plus moveable ladder brackets that you can install on whichever side you need them.

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