Fox Factory Silverado is a 700hp, $200k super truck

fox factory silverado super truck shown from front angle.

If you want something your F-150 Raptor-driving buddies will envy, the limited edition Fox Factory Chevy Silverado is it. Only 500 will be made, they’re ludicrously expensive, and are about as street legal of a trophy truck you can get from a dealer.

It’s not an overlander, this thing is all about off-road speed and excess, with 700hp coming from a custom tuned GM 6.2L V8 with Whipple supercharger, Borla stainless steel dual exhaust, oversize billet aluminum air-to-water intercooler, and reinforced drivetrain and gearing.

Key specs include:

  • Whipple Gen V Supercharger
  • Dana 60 axle housing
  • ARB Air Locker
  • Carbon fiber hood, fender, and bed-side panels
  • Fox Live Valve 3.2 series shocks
  • Baja Kits long travel suspension
  • BF Goodrich KO2 37″ tires

Suspension upgrades

Naturally, it gets the latest Fox Live Valve 3.2 Race Series suspension and 2.0 IFP bump stops, but they’re added to a custom Baja Kits long travel front suspension kit for 14.5″ of travel.

This is the same Live Valve suspension system used on their race trucks, the first time it’s available on a “consumer” vehicle. The mods push the wheels out for a 7.5″ wider stance.

Out back, they replaced the stock leaf springs with a multi-link, trailing arm suspension, also with 3.2 Race Series Live Valve coil-over shocks for 15.5″ travel.

Controls & switches

The suspension’s connected nature is boosted with an smartphone app that lets you monitor, adjust, and record your rides, plus get OTA Live Valve system updates.

Thankfully you can still switch modes, adjust settings, and flick on the Nacho Quattro off-road lights with manual switches, too. A custom control panel on the left of the steering wheel has buttons and switches in easy reach while driving.

Drivetrain & body mods

Available one- or two-tire bed racks double as structural elements to reinforce and stiffen the frames. The slots fit up to 40″ tires, letting you keep a spare or double up for follow-truck support duties.

Underneath, factory limited slip AAM axle gets a 3.73 gearset and RCV chromoly CV axles. The rear gets a wider semi-float fabricated Dana 60 axle to match the front tire’s wider track width. The transmission is upgraded with an ARB air locker, 3.73 gearset, and 35-spline chromoly shafts and disc brakes.

The vented hood, flared front fender panels, and bed side panels are all carbon fiber, with unpainted bits here and there to show it off.

It’s all rolling on Method 17×8.5 rims with their Bead Grip design to help prevent tires from rolling off the rim at low pressure (Fun fact: Fox owns Method wheels), which is DOT compliant. Tires are BF Goodrich KO2 T/A 37×12.5×17.

Fox Factory Silverado Videos

Promo video above, teaser below.

Reserve yours now with a $20,000 down payment… three year/36,000 mile warranty included.

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