KC Hilites unleashes Gravity Titan off-road lights

KC Hilites Gravity Titan off-road lights on a jeep

Built on their GRD (Gravity Reflective Diode) LED system and linkable Gravity Pro6 lights, the new KC Hilites Gravity Titan series amps up output, increases coverage, and introduces a new dual color mode.

The Gravity Titan series has their familiar 6″ round design with pass-thru front cooling vents, and they can be linked together group in a straight or curved pattern. But compared to the Gravity Pro6, the Gravity Titan lights have a 1.3x larger Illumination Zone, 1.7x brighter output, and 1.3x more beam distance.

All of this extra output comes from a new Titan Core with a 3-Source LED optics, up from 2 LEDs on the Pro6 models. That means three sets of LEDs per light, all aimed backward to the reflector to control the beam pattern.

The other new features is the ability to switch from the bright white High Power Mode to a low-output Amber Dust Light for others to easily see you in dusty conditions. Also perfect for when you need all the photos of your rig to have lights on but your buddies are tired of you blinding them all day.

They use their Moisture Block wiring, which puts the harness directly into the body for a secure, waterproof/dustproof seal.

The frame of the light is the same as the Pro6, so these fit all of the same colors, lenses, and other accessories, making it an easy upgrade.

KC Hilites Gravity Titan Videos

Promo-ish video above, detailed explainer below.

There are a few differences between the light bar and bottom-mount versions, so they have two separate videos for those. There’s a bit of overlap in info, so you’re fine just watching the unboxing video of interest below:

Beam pattern examples start at 12:25 in Light Bar video. All of their light bar kits come with a combo beam pattern where the center lights are spot beams, and the outer lights have a flood beam.

The Light Pairs are single lights (sold as a pair) and come in Spot, Flood, and SAE street legal beam patterns. That “street legal” qualifier means they’re legal as long as they’re mounted below your stock headlights and only used the same way you’d use your high beams…they’re not replacements for your standard headlights. Beam pattern comparisons start at 11:00 in the video above.

KC Hilites Gravity Titan pricing, options & specs

The Gravity Titan Light Pairs are sold in sets of two starting at $799.99 (single replacement light units from $399.99). They have a standard bottom mount design for attaching to bumpers or A-pillar adapters. Specs below are for the pair:

  • Amber mode: 22.4 watts draw @ 1.9 amps
  • Bright mode: 79 watts draw @ 6.6 amps
  • Output:
    • Lumens: 5,944
    • Candella / Lux:
      • Spot: 288,500 / 2885
      • Wide40: 155,000 / 1,550
      • Driving: 116,046 / 1,160
  • Beam Distance @ 1 lux:
    • Spot: 537m
    • Wide40: 394m
    • Driving: 341m

The light bar versions have end mounts and can be linked together. They’re sold in sets from 3 up to 9 lights, maxing out at 57″ wide, but the most popular is the 8-light, so here’s specs for that:

  • Width: 50″
  • Amber mode: 89.6 watts draw @ 7.5 amps
  • Bright mode: 315.8 watts draw @ 26.3 amps
  • Output:
    • 23,776 lumens
    • 1,020,500 candella
    • 10,205 lux
  • Beam Distance: 1,010m @ 1 lux
  • MSRP: $1,149.99 to $2,749.99

All light bar options and widths are 3 (20″), 4 (26″), 5 (32″), 6 (39″), 7 (45″), 8 (50″), and 9 (57″). Accessories include covers in clear, amber, and retro smiley face (standard solid covers come with the lights)

Available now at KChilites.com.

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