Overland Expo East ’23 – Custom Vehicle Outfitters

vandoit transit trail custom overland camper van

There were a lot of custom rigs lining the rows of Overland Expo East, these are some of the best. From vans to trucks, SUVs to pickups, and even some retired military trucks. No matter what brand or budget, here are some outfitters to consider for your next build…

Vandoit custom Ford Transit camper vans

vandoit transit trail custom overland camper van

If you’re looking for a custom camper van, Vandoit (van-do-it) uses an assembly-line process and all-metal construction for their internal customizations. This means they’re faster and there’s no risk of warping or creaking from using wood. The T-Track internal frame lets you add accessories and customize it however you like.

These three photos (top, above, and below) show of their use of Transit passenger vans, which means windows all around for lots of natural light, and factory AC running all the way through the cabin.

vandoit transit trail custom overland camper van

They’ll also build on the new Transit Trail, which gave them their third floorplan with a sideways bed layout and mild bump outs to increase head and leg room when sleeping. Check them out at Vandoit.com.

Storyteller Overland custom Sprinter camper vans & more

storyteller overland custom mercedes sprinter camper van

Storyteller Overland has been doing custom Sprinter camper vans for years, and they have four standard builds. The Beast MODE shown above is the top of their line…and starts at $232,586. It comes with a complete OWL Vans exterior gear setup, upgraded off-road suspension, wheels & tires, and a lot more.

storyteller overland hilt 4x4 adventure truck with camper bed
Photo: Storyteller Overland.

In 2023, Storyteller also launched their first cabin for full-size pickup trucks called HILT. It starts with a RAM 5500, but gets an upgraded frame, suspension, and kevlar-and-carbon infused, vacuum-formed camper shell. This bad boy starts at almost $450k. Check them all out at StorytellerOverland.com

27North Rexrover

27North Rexrover custom overland truck

The 27 North RexRover is built on the Ford F350 with a cabin that sleeps four in style, with advanced electronics and plumbing, including a heated exterior shower. A slick awning retracts perfectly flush, and LED lights all the way around illuminate your surroundings. The 2023 model used the F250 and started at $350k, so with an F350 under it for 2024, I’m guessing it’ll be a bit more (I’ve reached out for details).

Wanderbox Adventure Vehicles

wanderbox custom overland truck

Wanderbox is a newer builder out of Colorado, but they’re going big with their rig. It maxes out with 216 gallons of diesel fuel, 225 gallons fresh water, 150 gallon gray water tank, 2,800 watts of solar, and a monstrous 36,000Wh of Lithium battery power!

external pull up bar for wanderbox expedition overland trucks
Apparently a pull-up bar is an option, and it doubles as a door hook.

It’s heavily insulated for 4-season use, can be built on three of the largest truck chassis offered, and can be configured in 26′ to 40′ designs. Front and rear winches, onboard inflation, and 360ยบ cameras keep you at the ready for anything. Prices from $380k to $685k.

Global Expedition Vehicles

global expedition vehicles adventure truck xt

Global Expedition Vehicles’ Adventure XT may look plain compared to the others, but its looks are deceiving. It’s built on the RAM 5500, however the $495k base price includes an $80,000 truck allowance that lets you spec that however you like.

Liquid Springs suspension, AEV bumpers, full-size rear spare with cradle mount, low-step entry with electric steps, and a pass-thru cabin from the truck are a few of the cool standard features. Check this and their other models out at GlobalXVehicles.com.


earthcruiser adventure truck for overland travel

Earthcruiser needs little introduction to the adventure vehicle crowd, but just in case, they’re well-known for creating top notch rigs. The Terranova is a pop-top camper shell that replaces the bed and fits on any domestic 1-ton truck Ford F350 or RAM 3500 chassis. It’s compact, but fits in a bed, dinette, kitchette, and wet bath. Starts at $350k.

earthcruiser modified isuzu truck for overland travel

The Earthcruiser EXP uses a similar pop-top cabin, but built on an Isuzu NPR truck chassis. Available with two or four doors up front, it adds a bit more room and an entirely different driving experience. The entrance door doubles as the wet bath area, just place the floor panels and put up the shower curtain.

earthcruiser pop-top tent for Hummer EV

EarthCruiser’s camper bed insert for the new Hummer EV adds a similar pop-up camper shell that creates standing room in the bed with some creature comforts, plus a bed over the cabin. Reservations open now, and it looks like they’ll be offering these for various EV, hybrid, and ICE vehicles, too.

Overland Campers Quebec

overland campers Quebec custom adventure vehicle

Overland Campers Quebec offers a variety of vehicle builds from OEV (Overland Explorer Vehicles), plus truck bed campers and frames from Scout and Alu-Cab, too. They also sell all the gear you need to outfit and upgrade them, from accessories to solar kits and more.

Recreational Specialties’ MOAB division

MOAB overland custom truck

Recreational Specialties (aka Rec-Spec) makes two models, the MOAB F550 (above), and the MOAB AC (below). The F550 is built on a Ford F550 Dually chassis with a massive GVWR and completely self-contained habitat that can be completely unbolted from the vehicle. Some off-roaders may not like the dually setup, but it allows for a higher payload for carrying a lot of gear on not-so-technical terrain.

recreational specialities MOAB AC offroad overland vehicle built on a military truck chassis.

The MOAB AC is built on a military chassis with a refurbished CAT engine. It has a completely custom-made habitat (not a converted box) with a tubular aluminum structure and full insulation. The rooftop is covered in solar, and the entire habitat floats so it’s not stressed by any twisting or torquing the frame experiences while driving offroad. Full spec sheets on their website, but that’s about it (they need more pics and details).

Aeon RV camper vans

aeon RV ford transit camper van conversion

Aeon RV’s custom offroad RV camper van is built on the Ford Transit AWD chassis with a pass-thru cab into the habitat. The living quarters have a thick foam insulation inside the fiberglass shell and a fully electric setup with 8.2kWh 24V LiFePO4 battery bank that’s upgradeable to 10.9-13.6kWh and 700-watt solar on the roof.

Offroad cred comes from a 2″ lift with upgraded coil and leaf springs, Falcon custom tuned rear shocks, BF Goodrich KO2 T/A tires w/ matching spare, skid plates, recovery points, and rear exterior T-track slots for adding accessories. From $219,500.

AEV Conversions

american expedition vehicles custom dodge ram pickup truck for overland offroad use

AEV Conversions makes complete kits for various SUVs, Jeeps & trucks, giving you a one-stop-shop to outfit your rig. From bumpers to suspension, protection to lights, rims to accessories, it’s all here. They’ve even partnered with GMC to offer the Canyon AT4X build straight from the factory.

Z1 Offroad Nissan Outfitters

Z1 offroad upgraded nissan

Got a Nissan truck and not sure where to look for upgrades? Z1 Offroad specializes in Nissans, with suspension and engine mods, tuning, exterior accessories, etc. They had two killer builds to show off – the Frontier D40 above had a wide body kit to clear the oversized tires and offset wheels.

z1 offroad nissan frontier custom overland truck

This newer Nissan Frontier D41 was showing off a wide variety of their components, NISMO suspension, and new snorkel, which is a full custom design that’s sleek and has a cool escape port for water. Since we saw this one, it’s gotten a supercharger, bumper lights, front bumper and winch, rear bed rack, tent, and more…and they just gave it away! Check their Insta for the build process, it’s sick, and to find out about their next promo!

Want more? Check out the amazing personal overland vehicles from Overland Expo East, too!

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