Overland Expo East ’23 – Killer Gear, Lights, Storage & more!

ford bronco promo vehicle for toyo tires at overland expo east 2023

We’ve covered vehicle upfitters & builders, the best personal vehicles, and now it’s time for the coolest gear and accessories we found at Overland Expo East 2023.

Up top is the modified Ford Bronco Toyo Tires used as to show off their Open Country M/T (Mud Terrain) tires, and it looks like they tested them out in the muck, too. Here’s the rest of the best, starting with really cool but random stuff, then grouped into Storage/Org and Racks categories…

Kenda Klever R/T

kenda klever AT offroad tires

Kenda’s Klever R/T (Rough Terrain) tires are the same ones their teams race off-road for desert & short course events, with a bead protection layer, triple-layer sidewall casing, and aggressive tread. Reviews are mixed, with the people using them in snow and rougher offroad trails liking them better than folks sticking to tamer roads.

Owl Vans spinning spare tire lock

OWL offroad spare tire locking handle

Owl Vans makes a ton of racks, accessories and mounts for Sprinter and Transit camper vans. Their tire mounts come with this simple spinning tire lock with optional hole for a padlock. I spotted this on a van en route to the show, not at their booth, so it’s not new, but still pretty cool.

Traction Boards from O3 Outdoors & GoTreads

roll-up and foldable traction boards for getting your vehicle unstuck

I mentioned both of these as good alternatives to traditional flat, rigid traction boards in my Vehicle Recovery Guide. On the left is O3 Outdoors’ Trax roll-up traction board, which puts a really long, flexible strip into a compact package. It won’t let you bridge any gaps, but it gives you a longer runway for getting outta soft sand and snow.

On the right is GoTreads’ folding traction board, which comes in two lengths. It folds up shorter than rigid boards and also gives you a longer runway, but also can’t be used to bridge gaps. It can, however, be used to level your vehicle, just stack it as high or low as needed.

STKR Concepts telescoping camp lights

STKR telescoping light poles

Honestly, this is one of the coolest things I saw at the show! STKR Concepts’ new FLi Over-Lander light pole uses a telescoping tripod to send a 360ยบ LED light 10′ above you, lighting up a 60′ diameter circle. Put it over your picnic table for up to 2,600 lumens of light. It weighs just 5lbs and packs down to just 2′ long.

There’s also an 8′ tall FLi Pro model that’s less expensive and creates a 40′ circle of light and has a magnetic mount so you can stick it to your vehicle as a work light when it’s collapsed. It also has a spotlight on the top, letting you use it as a flashlight, too! Both come with wireless remotes and built-in Li-Ion rechargeable batteries.


roller camp RopeRoller cord hook

RollerCam’s new Rope Roller has a carabiner on one end and a roller cam on the other, letting you quickly connect and tighten 3-4mm rope or paracord. It comes in multi-packs or combo kits with cord, can hold up to 35lbs, and has a steel body with brass roller. It’s perfect for adjusting tie-downs for tents, canopies, and awnings.

Pillion Pooch motorcycle pet carrier

pillion pooch pet carrier for the back of motorcycles

These were in the personal ride section on motos belonging to @The PackTrack. The Pillion Pooch pet carriers let you bring your furry friend along for the ride. They zip up completely so no one leaps out, but also let you strap them in so they can enjoy the breeze when you open it up.

Deep Sleep inflatable sleeping pads

deep sleep inflatable mattresses for car camping and cots

DeepSleep Overland makes thick inflatable mattress pads for use inside your vehicle, on a cot, or in a tent. Models for Toyota, Ford, Jeep, and Subaru provide custom fit for the back of your wagon or SUV, and accessories like window covers let you darken the vehicle for better sleep.

They’re 5″ thick, filled with memory foam, and self inflate…just open the inlet and let it fluff up. When it’s time to go, open the release valve and roll it up to compress the air out for compact storage.

Forged Authority Dorothy MKII telescoping windmill

forged authority dorothy MK2 telescoping windmill for camper vans and RVs

Forget solar, now you can use wind power to charge your battery bank. The Forged Authority Dorothy MKII mounts to your vehicles’ rack or door swing. They also offer roof rack and truck bed mounts. It’s in production now, with pre-orders opening soon. The self-deploying design extends (likely using air pressure, so you’ll need a compressor if it doesn’t include one) on its own.

Details are limited, but they say it’ll perform on par or better than solar panels and has the benefit of working through the night…assuming there’s wind. MSRP should be around $3,749.

ARB Intensity iQ lights

ARB Intensity iQ offroad driving lights

The new ARB Intensity iQ offroad lights use four distinct sets of LEDs that can combine to provide a variety of spot, flood, and combo patterns. It’s all customizable, too, so you can create your own presets. I covered the tech specs in this post.

Racks & Carriers

Prinsu Roof Racks

Prinsu roof rack with braided handles

Prinsu is the original low-profile roof rack option for Toyota Tacomas and 4runners. The latest version gets upgraded to stainless steel hardware and PRO crossbars with drop-in mounting slots. The included wind deflector can be pre-cut for various lighting options.

Yota Twins Paracord Grab Handles

braided survival bracelet roof rack handles

Yota Twins’ Paracord Grab Handles are sized to mount to your roof rack (like the Prinsu ones, which is showcasing their cord-wrapped version) and make it easy to pull and hold yourself up to see what’s on top of your rig. This V2.0 version uses three loops around the eyelet, up from two on V1.0.

Unlike others, these wrap around eyelet bolts on either end, which lets you bolt them through a hole for a secure install. Unfortunately, you can’t thread those onto T-track bolts because they’ll get all twisted up. They’re $35/pair and come in a lot of color options. Unless you’ve got crafty kids, check them out.

Kuat Ibex Truck Bed Rack

kuat ibex truck bed racks for overland gear and mounting roof top tents

Kuat dove head first into the Overland market with their Ibex truck bed racks and accessories. They make short- and long-bed versions for several popular truck makes and models, plus MOLLE board side panels, mounts, and even side-loading bike trays.

Keep it open air as shown here, or get the panel kit to close it in like a topper. All side and rear panels have gas-sprung doors to stay open while you’re looking inside, then close and lock to secure your valuables. The top panel sits under the crossbars, leaving those available for rooftop tents, bike racks, cargo boxes, or whatever.


dirtbox truck bed storage and overland rack and rails

Dirtbox Overland showed off their new flatbed conversion for the Jeep Gladiator. Also available for Ford, RAM, Nissan, Toyota, and Chevy/GMC trucks, it’s available in full and half boxes (half box shown), and empty flatbeds.

The kits include freshwater tanks, lockable storage, and rack and rails to support a rooftop tent, awning, etc. If you’re worried about GVWR, it’s a good way to create space and storage without simply adding to the weight of the existing truck bed.

Rig’D Supply Ramble Rack swing-away bike rack

RIGD supply ramble rack swing away hitch bike rack

Rig’D Supply’s new Ramble Rack lets you add a tray-style bike rack behind a spare tire, using their UltraSwing tire carrier as the base. That base has a 2″ receiver for the bike rack to go in…or any other hitch-mounted accessories. Don’t need the spare tire carrier? Just add the RambleSwing instead to keep that bike rack mobile so you can access your tailgate without removing the bike.

RIGD supply ramble rack swing away hitch bike rack

All of Rig’D’s mounts and racks are off-road rated, and the bike rack can be slid left or right inside the mounting brackets to center it. They also make accessory mounts and a fold-down tailgate table that you can attach to these things.

Storage & Organization

Inca 4×4 Tool Briefcase

inca 4x4 gear roll storage for car camping and overland

The Inca 4×4 Tool Briefcase unzips to lay flat or hang from a hook, revealing six transparent pouches. Put tools, gear, or whatever in them, each one attaches by Velcro so you can pull off the pouch you need and bring it where you need it.

A built-in magnet lets you use one side of the bag as a magnetic tool tray, and the backside has reflective panels so you can hang it off your vehicle so you’re more visible during an emergency repair.

Rhino USA Camp Kitchen Roll & Straps

new hanging camp kitchen roll organizer and carabiner ratchet straps from Rhino USA

Rhino USA’s new Camp Kitchen Organizer holds all your cooking and eating utensils, spice jars, and more. It folds up to keep everything contained, then opens up and hangs for easy access while prepping meals (and eating them).

Their ratchet strap tie-downs aren’t new, but I like that they have a carabiner-style closure to keep the hooks where you put them while there’s slack in the line. They come in four colors and various widths and strengths.

GOAT Storage bins & caddies

GOAT storage bins and coolers with external compartments

GOAT’s Hub Coolers have integrated storage cubbies with removable Cans (the clear containers, sold separately) that are perfect for dry goods like cereal, trail mix, drink mixes, etc.

They also make a side-loading storage Rack that fit their Cans and let you attach different labels to the handles. Use them for lights, first aid, snacks, tools, tent stakes, whatever. They’re pricy at $29 each, but convenient. They also sell pre-assembled kits for first aid, hydration, and other needs.

Primo Workz door caddy

PrimoWorkz car door organizer with cup holder

Running out of room? Need another cup holder for backseat passengers? Primo Workz Armrests come in two versions (with or without a cup holder), both with a zippered and slotted pockets. They’re perfect for a Leatherman, walkie, candy bar, etc.

The top is padded, making them far more comfortable to rest your arm on, too. $48 each, available in three colors. They have a stainless steel inner plate that creates the hook to hold it in place, with padding and ripstop material over top.


flex webs bungie cord spider net

The Perfect Bungee’s Spider Net cargo net makes it easy to strap down big stuff on your roof rack, cargo basket, truck bed, or inside the hatch. Hooks loop around the basket, rack, or rails and hook back onto themselves to adjust their length.

Defiance Tools Folding Camp Table

defiance tools collapsible folding camp table workstand

Defiance Tools’ Folding Camp Table collapses flat for easy storage and transport, then folds open and locks into a standing-height table. Use it to prep food, repair stuff, or just rest your drinks. The fabric cover has pockets for tools or cooking utensils, so it’s not wasted space, and creates shelves as you lift the table, making it perfect for keeping all your foodstuffs organized and available at mealtime.

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