Pacific Adventure Works’ Hideaway Sleeping Platform

pacific adventure works hideaway sleeping platform modular car camping bed shown in a land cruiser

If your car is 95% daily driver and 5% adventure-mobile, Pacific Adventure Work’s new Hideaway Sleeping Platform lets you transform that grocery getter to a car camper in minutes.

Designed for wagons, SUVs, and vans, the Hideaway’s modular frame adjusts to fit the length of your vehicle’s cargo area behind the front row seats.

Telescoping support beams let you extend it up to 72″, and three sizes fit 1-2 people in a variety of vehicles…you can even use it in a truck bed.

Above, the platform with out a mattress on it. The adjustable legs let you level it out, adjust the height to balance headroom with under-bed storage, and accommodate uneven vehicle floors and folded seats. Three types of legs are offered to fit Flat, Uneven, or Stepped surfaces.

Sizes and specs are:

  • Hideaway Single: 30″ wide; 20lbs; 40x8x8 packed size ($599)
  • Hideaway Double: 40″ wide; 24lbs; 40x8x8 packed size ($699)
  • Hideaway XL: 48″ wide; 28lbs; 48x8x8 packed size ($799)

The XL size fits a queen-size air mattress and fills the space inside larger SUVs and truck beds. Here’s how you setup the Hideaway Sleeping Platform:

Not only does it level your sleeping platform inside the car, but by raising you off the floor, it creates up to 14.5″ of cargo space underneath.

“Overlanding and car camping should be approachable and convenient to everyone. Few people can afford a permanently modified, dedicated overlanding or #vanlife rig. Most of us use the same vehicle on the weekend as we do during the week while getting groceries and driving to work. This is why we developed our ultra-modular and quick to install/remove Hideaway Sleeping Platform,” remarked Reed Frick, Pacific Adventure Work’s founder and CEO. “It’s the ‘no-build’ build that fits in almost any small SUV to pickup and everything in between.”

person storing cargo under the pacific adventure works hideaway sleeping platform modular car camping bed

The Hideaway Sleeping Platform is made in Santa Cruz, CA, from domestically sourced parts. Tubes are 6063 anodized aluminum with nylon connectors and stainless steel hardware. The sleeping platform is covered in 500D Cordura fabric.

All sizes support up to 400lbs, need no tools for setup and installation, and are made with rugged, outdoor materials to last through many adventures.

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