AWOL Gear Roundup #12

ModVans ford transit trail camper van with pop-top roof tent

This week we found a trail-ready Transit camper van, off-road camper trail, and soft-shell truck topper that can carry a load. We also recap our best recent posts, and a few cool pieces of gear and Toyota’s fresh new promo videos for the 2024 Tacoma!

  • ModVans MH1-X
  • WildTop soft topper
  • Epik Scout off-road trailer
  • Pacific Adventure Works car bed
  • NOCS solar eclipse monocular
  • Winnebago Revel
  • Lexus GX 550 Overtrail
  • Top 10 Overland YouTubers
  • Silky Saw Nata
  • ILE ultralight bags
  • The Dyrt 2024 camping report
  • Toyota’s new Tacoma promo vids

ModVans packs Tesla-sized battery packs for off-grid glamping

ModVans introduced their MH1 camper van based on the Ford Transit Trail, and they offer a lot of variations that let you build out the inside with whatever you want – kitchen, bathroom, living area, bed(s), gear storage, etc.

They even have various pop-up tent toppers you can add to increase headroom and sleeping space. Perhaps the most interesting upgrade is the “X” mod, which adds 1100Ah (13kwh) or 2100Ah (26kwh) battery packs laid under the flooring.

These minimize the amount of space taken up but provide up to a week or more of off-grid living, even if you’re running the heated floorboards. Prices start around $186k, with lots of exterior mods (like Backwoods or MUD bumpers) available, too. (video walk-thru here)

WildTop Truck Topper has soft sides, tough insides

The new WildTop truck bed cap combines an aluminum frame with steel corner reinforcements for strength with a soft top cover. That gives it a 770lb static load rating on top, perfect for bikes, kayaks, even a rooftop tent.

Both sides and the rear have a zipped panel that rolls up for easy access to the inside. The cover is a double layer 16oz heavy-duty canvas with 3M waterproof tape between them, and zipper flap covers provide 100% waterproofness. Get it in black, olive green, or tan for many popular mid- and full-size trucks and the Jeep Gladiator. (video here)

Epik RV Scout off-road camper trailer

The Epik Scout is a truly off-road ready trailer, with 33″ all-terrain tires, 19″ ground clearance, an ARK articulating hitch, and Timbren 5200 independent off-road suspension. A welded steel frame with Rhino lining ensures the cabin can handle the terrain, too.

It also sleeps up to five thanks to push-button electric slide out and pop-up tent. The shell is aluminum and composites, no wood anywhere. It has a slide-out outdoor kitchen, Dometic fridge cooler, and Renogy solar and battery systems. It weighs 2,300lbs with a 3,500lb GVWR. Starts at $36,000.

Recent Posts

pacific adventure works hideaway sleeping platform modular car camping bed shown in a land cruiser

Pacific Adventure Works Hideaway Sleeping Platform

This modular platform adds a bed to the back of your wagon, SUV, truck bed, or van with up to a queen-size pad to put your mattress on. Height-adjustable legs let you level it in any vehicle, and have up to 14.5″ of storage underneath. Read more…

NOCS Zoom Tube monocular with Solar Eclipse Lens

Zoom in on the eclipse with NOCS

NOCS has a new Solar Eclipse Lens that snaps onto their Zoom Tube monocular to block out enough light (and radiation) to let you view the 2024 eclipse with 8x magnification. Read more...

2025 winnebago revel 4x4 off-road sprinter camper van shown from side

2025 Winnebago Revel ready for more

The latest Winnebago Revel 4WD Sprinter finally has proper all-terrain tires, plus bigger batteries for up to a week of off-grid living, with a kitchenette, wet bath, dinette, and seating for four (but sleeping to 2-3. Read more...

2024 lexus gx 550 overtrail overland SUV shown on a mountain

2024 Lexus GX 550 Overtrail

Lexus has gone all-in on overland, with a special trim level featuring 33″ tires, underbody terrain cameras, upgraded roof rails, and electronically decoupled sway bars & locking rear diff. Read more...

these are the best overland and off-road youtube channels

Top 10 Overland YouTube Channels

These are the best YouTube channels covering the overland lifestyle, from gear to tech, stories to travel inspiration. Plus a lot of bonus channels worth checking, because just wasn’t enough! Read more...

Gear, Gadgets & Tech

Silky Saw Nata Outback hatchet

The new Silky Saw Nata Outback hatchet has a 240mm (9.5″) blade with black oxide coating to prevent rust and reduce glare – very ninja. Sized between a machete and an axe, it’s perfect for clearing hiking and mountain biking trails, or chipping & chopping firewood at camp. Weight is 970g (2.13lb), price is $109.99 with protective sleeve. Made in Ono, Japan.

ILE UX10 XPAC ultralight packs & wallet

This limited edition drop from ILE (Inside Line Equipment) recreates their most popular packs with UX10 XPAC material. This three-layer fabric combines a 100d UHMW polyethylene base with Aramid cross fibers for strength, and a 0.5mm shiny polyester film. A Cire finish increases abrasion resistance and repels water, dirt, and stains. Available on three different packs, a cycling wallet, and organizer.

The Dyrt 2024 Camping Report is live

The Dyrt’s Annual Report on U.S. camping trends is out, and here are the highlights from 2023:

  • 5.5 million people camped for the first time
  • 84.8 million total people camped in 2023
  • Interest in RV & trailer camping is up 10.9% (46.8% of total respondents)
  • Overland & Truck camping interest is up w/ 7.3% of respondents preferring it
  • Nearly 2/3 of people camped for free, up from 1/3 in 2019

Read the full report & press release for more stats and details about The Dyrt, an app that helps you nab campsites with cancellation alerts and more.

Show Time

Toyota’s finally putting out the ads for the 2024 Tacoma, and they’re fun. Below are the three targeted to North America, but the ad above plays “Red Light, Green Light” for the Asian market. Enjoy!

Field Notes

Big Deals

Wandering Thoughts

I’ve always heard it’s good to journal, but never really wanted to make the time.

It’s not for a lack of notebooks.

I doubt I’m the only one that loves a fresh, new notebook. All those blank pages, so full of potential.

I have stacks of them, but they’re mostly empty. Some have notes from a conference, or ideas for a new project, but none resemble anything like a diary.

Then, this morning, I realized that I do have a journal. It’s right here. And on other sites I’ve launched and run over the years.

And it made me realize that the notion of what a journal looks like is up to me. And you.

Much like an “overland” vehicle.

There’s no right or wrong vehicle, there’s only right or wrong for you.

I have a RWD Ford Transit that serves our purposes. Do I want the new Tacoma? Or a Bronco? Or Rubicon? Yes, please, one of each.

But if I did, all of those vehicles would start to feel like all of these empty notebooks I have lying around.

Each one lightly used for a very specific thing, but mostly just taking up space.

My point is, no matter where you are on your overland (or journaling) journey, find what works for you and don’t worry what that looks like to others.


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