Limited edition Taxa Dark Sky Mantis overland camper trailer teases upgraded interior

taxa dark sky mantis limited edition black overland camper trailer shown from rear corner

Celebrating the Eclipse (and International Dark Sky Week this week), Taxa has created a limited edition Dark Sky version of their largest Mantis off-road camper trailer.

It gets a nearly blacked-out exterior with dark matte gray wrap and black accessories, rims, and sub-frame, plus their “Overland Upgrade” suspension package.

That package includes axle-less Timbren suspension with 3″ extra ground clearance, larger 225/75R16 all-terrain tires, electric brakes, and 360ยบ, 3-axis articulating Lock ‘n’ Roll hitch.

The Dark Sky Mantis edition is available for pre-order through the end of this week (ends April 15, 2024) only.

Upgraded interior for 2025 Mantis trailers

If you need a little more than a week to consider dropping $51k+, there are a few updates to the Mantis model worth checking out in the standard colors, too. The new 2025 Evolution officially drops in May this year, but is already shipping on all new orders regardless of the exterior color you end up with.

That new interior gets thicker seat and bed cushions, the electrical system and lights get Bluetooth control capability via app, there’s better under-bed storage, and redesigned towers under the work surfaces make it easier to store 3rd party crates and bins inside them.

The kitchen now uses standard blade fuses, has a storage area for common utensils, and easier access to the cabin’s heater.

The Mantis starts at $45,750, measures 19′ long, and has a 3,115lb dry weight. It sleeps four with a pop-up rooftop tent plus convertible couch that turns into bed. The Overland suspension and tire package adds $2,650, and the Dark Sky wrap adds $2,650 more.

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