2021 Taxa Woolly Bear is the overland-ready basecamp trailer you want

taxa outdoors woolly bear overland basecamp trailer

Somewhere between luxury and roughing it is the new 2021 Taxa Woolly Bear basecamp trailer, featuring a full kitchen, tons of storage, and a rugged off-road build. From there, add a rooftop tent, propane tank kit, awning, or whatever else you need for your particular adventures.

Built on a powder coated steel chassis rolling on 15″ rims with 235/75R15 all-terrain tires with full size spare, torsion axle suspension, 12″ ground clearance, and electronic brakes, it’s ready to go anywhere your vehicle can. Here’s all the details…

The video’s a great overview, but it doesn’t come with everything you see. Here, we’ll break down what you get and how it works…

Kitchen & Storage

2021 taxa woolly bully camp trailer kitchen and storage
All photos courtesy Taxa Outdoors.

The updated Taxa Woolly Bear is designed to be your basecamp, giving you lockable storage with slide-out trays large enough to hold a cooler, and a 12V outlet to power electric fridge coolers or freezers. Other storage areas abound for gear and all the stuff you don’t want in your car…including an open-air compartment for gas tanks, scuba tanks, wet stuff, etc.

A full size, fully featured kitchen has improved organization for all your cooking tools, pots and pans. Features include LED lighting, stainless steel countertop, and  birch plywood shelving.

taxa woolly bear overland camp trailer kitchen compartment

It doesn’t include any cooktops or stoves, but there’s purpose-built spaces to store whichever camp stove you have. Fortunately, there’s an accessory hitch on the back, so you could a HitchFire grill if you’ll be cooking for a crowd.

Bring all the toys

2021 taxa woolly bully camp trailer features diagram

Another new update includes two adjustable height powder-coated steel risers that provide a sturdy, elevated platform for a rooftop tent, cargo box, or basket for bringing more gear, kayaks, SUPs, etc. Or put a roof top tent up there, or any combination of that plus gear. The platform is rated to 600lbs, so go nuts.

If you’re not toting a grill, you could rear accessory hitch for adding a hitch mounted bike rack and leave the space on top for other gear. Raise the platform to its highest position and you can easily fit many kayaks and boards under a tent.

Power for days…if you add it

taxa woolly bully open storage compartment for fuel tanks

All of Taxa’s human habitat trailers come prewired for solar panels, making it easy to add ground solar to keep things charged up off the grid. While towing, it has a 7-pin connector to charge the on-board Group 24 battery…you’ll just have to add the battery, they supply the prewired box for it.

Light enough for a compact car to tow it

Dry weight for the Woolly Bear is 1,270lbs, and loaded GVWR is 2,100lbs…well within the towing capacity of most small cars, even those with 4-cylinder engines. At just 10.8′ long and around 7.5′ tall at the highest (and that’s with a roof top tent on it), chances are it’ll also fit in your garage.

The 2021 Woolly Bear starts at $11,800.30 MSRP, available direct from Taxa Outdoors.


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