Decked truck bed drawer systems add secure, weatherproof storage

decked truck bed drawer system shown carrying mountain bike gear with bikes on top

Ever wonder how to stack more gear in your truck bed without having to move everything off the top just to get the stuff on the bottom? Decked Drawer Systems are one answer, and they make kits for every brand of truck on the North American market.

The kits are mostly tool-free installs that add two full-length drawers to your bed. They come with dividers and organizational partitions, too, making it easy to customize the storage on each side.

decked truck bed drawer system shown in an overland truck
All photos courtesy Decked.

Each drawer is rated to about 200lbs, and the entire structure is rated to 2,000lbs. So, you lose a little volume in your truck bed, but none of the load capacity.

Once fully installed, they’re weatherproof, too. So bring on the rain or the pressure washer, the stuff inside stays safe and dry.

decked truck bed drawer system shown in a toyota tacoma

They make kits for various models from Chevy, Ford, GMC, Jeep (trucks), Nissan, Ram, and (of course) Toyota. They start around $1,349, are made in the USA, and come with a 3-year warranty. They even make them for Sprinter vans, too:

decked drawer system storage in a sprinter van

Just add a sliding tray on top of that and you’ve got easy access to the stuff inside and on top! And, naturally, there’s an integrated bottle opener on the back. Because, beer.

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