Rivian debuts three new electric SUVs

2026 Rivian R2 electric SUV with rooftop tent

While the smaller R3 models might be more for playing around than multi-day adventures, the R2 SUV could be the compact car camper that gets more people into electric overlanding. Regardless of how you use them, all three new full-electric Rivian SUVs look fantastic.

Their goal with all three is to offer a more affordable option, helping more people get into an electric vehicle (and a domestically produced one at that!). To do that, all three share the same platform and will initially be built at their existing Illinois factory rather than a planned new facility in Georgia.

The body is a die-cast design that’s quicker to manufacture, and the battery is integrated into the floor as a quasi-structural element. All are available with two battery pack options, the larger offering up to 300 miles of range.

They’ll use Rivian’s existing three motor options – RWD (single motor), AWD (dual motor), and Tri-Motor (two in rear, one in front). The latter delivers 0-60 times under 3 seconds.

Rivian’s new perception stack provides improved self-driving capabilities with 11 cameras, five radars and a more powerful computer platform.

IFull presentation video above, or here’s the highlights for each of the new models:

Rivian R2 electric SUV

2026 Rivian R2 electric SUV front view

Slotting in under their original R1, the new Rivian R2 is a five seater with a rear bench seat that folds completely flat for easier gear storage or sleeping. Rear leg room is good, too, making it an excellent road trip vehicle.

All side and rear windows slide completely into the doors and tailgate for open-air driving, which also makes room for sliding a surfboard or 2x4s through the rear. Rear vent windows are a nice touch, too.

Will the Rivian R2 make a good overland vehicle?

If its offroad prowess is anything like the original R1T that won the Rebelle Rally in stock form, then yeah, the new R2 could make a great overland platform, albeit with a few modifications to handle more aggressive terrain. Here’s how it stacks up against a 2024 Toyota 4Runner:

APPROACH25º30º to 33º
GROUND CLEARANCE9.8″9.0″ to 9.6″
(ranges indicate differences based on trim level)

The R2 can fit a maximum tire diameter of 32″, which is decent, but just shy of that magical 33″ all-terrain tire most of us want. And the fenders look tight, making us think a small suspension or spacer lift isn’t going to do much to increase tire allowance.

Regardless, the numbers compare favorably to a stock 4Runner. And with 300 miles of range, by the time these are available there’ll be even more charging stations available, easing any range anxiety brought about by the inability to strap a spare battery pack on it.

How does the Rivian R2 compare to the R2S?

comparison chart showing size and feature differences between Rivian R1S and R2

The original R1S is much bigger, with better angles and ground clearance, but that extra size and its larger available batteries mean a lot of extra weight, but also up to 400 miles of range.

comparison chart showing size and feature differences between Rivian R1S and R2

FWIW, the R1S has optional 275/60R20 A/T tires that measure 33″ exactly. It also has a 3′ wading depth, so it’s clear Rivian is thinking of the off-road driver. That makes us hopeful they’ll give the R2 the same all-terrain prowess, just slightly downsized.

2026 Rivian R2 electric SUV top rear view

MSRP starts at $45,000 (about $30k less than the R1S), and you can reserve one for just $100. Expected delivery starting in early 2026.

2026 Rivian R2 electric SUV with bike rack

They’re showing several options, like their RTT (top of post) and quick-connect bike rack, plus roof rails that should allow for plenty of aftermarket options, too. Word is their outdoor kitchen kit will have a version for the R2, also.

Here’s a bit of driving action for the R2.

Ready to rally? Check out the Rivian R3 & R3X

The R3 falls into “crossover” territory, with a hatchback rear and less behind-the-seats cargo space. Details are lighter on this one because it won’t go into production until initial orders for the R2 are well on their way to being filled. So, likely in 2027, but it’s worth a look now…

The compact size makes it a better around-town car…

…with similar conveniences…

…and comforts as the R2. But it’s the R3X variant that makes it interesting…

Rivian R3X

Sporting a retro rally car vibe with extended spoiler and racier wheels, the Rivian R3X might also be getting a special drive mode:

In addition to All Purpose and All Terrain modes, that screen shows a Rally mode, too. Their promo video shows the R3X drifting dirt roads, so I’m guessing Rally mode will reduce traction control to allow more spirited driving and intentional loss of traction.

Seats are sportier, too, with larger cover perforations and vented cutouts on seat and back. Wonder if they’ll have an optional passenger-side “oh s#!t” center handle like Porsche!

Interior storage and organization looks well thought out, too, making the most of the R3’s smaller cabin.

Rivian R3X electric crossover SUV rally edition shown with bike rack and roof rack

Looks like it’ll have plenty of accessories, too. No word on pricing, specs, or dimensions for the R3, but we want one.


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